Mr Hil Van Der Waal

Hil Van der Waal, Dutch-born, currently living in the Sultanate of Oman (Middle East). He gained his ARPS distinction in 2011. He has travelled through -and lived in- various countries in the world. Wherever he is, he tries to get entrance to communities that are in general not easy to reach, or take time to settle in. Be it tribal life in remote Borneo, Bedouins in Oman's desert, Buddhist temple life in NorthEast Thailand, family life behind the walls of a traditional Moroccan village, small scale farm life in Scotland, or areas with labourers in India. He is also a keen landscape and street photographer. He shoots both digital, and Medium Format analogue. Workshops with Hil Van der Waal are organised in the French Dordogne, around the summer months.

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