German Chapter - Q2/19 Member’s photo work

06 July 2019

Chapter: Germany

During the 2nd Quarter of 2019, the members of the German Chapter focused their photographic efforts on four main topics of photography. 

The first topic was landscape photography, portraying the seasonal change from spring to summer. The second topic covered the beauty of nature, representing the blossoming of plants. The third topic encompasses street photography and its wide variety of motifs, generating outstanding images with different statements. Finally, the fourth topic covered the beauty of the German landscape, seen from an aerial perspective.

Hope you enjoy the accumulation of images from our members and you are welcome to leave a comment or to share this blog with others!


Landscape Photography

Image Photographer: Chris Renk
Image title: Grep dales Dodesc
Image subject: Light and Shadows
Country: Dolomites, Italy


Photographer:  Karsten Lutz
Image Title:  Summer in Eifel
Image Subject:  Landscape
Country:  Eifel Germany



Nature Photography

Photographer: Martin Gerling
Image title: Salomon seal
Image subject: Nature
Country: Saxony, Germany


Photographer: Ute Gerling
Image title: Coming out
Image subject: Nature
Country: Saxony, Germany



Street Photography

Photographer: Nikolaus Gruenherz
Image title: Addiction
Image subject: Street Photography
Country: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Photographer: Siegfried Rubbert
Image title: Guard
Image subject: Street Photography
Country: Normandy, France



Aerial Photography

Photographer: Eberhard Potempa
Image title: Asparagus field
Image subject: Nature
Country: Germany


German Chapter members are called up to submit their "Favourite” of the 3rd Quarter until the 30 September 2019  to the following Email address: