International Print Exhibition 156

A Long Cold Summer

Against The Storm

All Dressed Up

Asda Carpark, Great Yarmouth

Under the Pier

Striped Corner

Bath, from the Series 'Still Here'


Ben & Hayley

Bhopal Second Disaster (Bhopal, India)

Boating Pool at Sunrise

Bringing the Sulphur

Bus Stop on the A36

Lag BaOmer, Cazenove Road

Chyna White

Cut Throat

Housing Development, Hay-On- Wye

The Uncontacted

Persons Unknown 1

Persons Unknown 2

Donkey Rides Hut, Great Yarmouth


Envelope with Cup and Saucer

In a Hurry

Fast Food

Still Life I

Frosty Gate

Green Wave

Lines and Curves


Mountain Village

Gillian Anderson

War Horse


Village Youth


Mannequin, Stockholm, Sweden

Matt & Fay

S'Ardia. Traditional wild horse race in Barbagia

SILVER AWARD: S'Ardia. Introduction to Life in Barbagia

Mt Mayon Volcano. Legaspi, Philippines

Italian Style

The Go-Between

U30 GOLD AWARD: Gone with the Dust

Misty Winter Morning

Play Nice

Terminal Journey

Rogues Gallery, Appleby Horse Fair

Pion 6395

Fukushima Samurai

The Hidden Door

The Pool

Paul Pallacio as Elvis Presley


The Urban Gypsies of the Westway

Henry's Afternoon Nap in the Greenhouse

Couple at Dinner

Housing Estate awaiting investment in Birkenhead, the Wirral. UK 2012

Animal activist in search of abandoned pets. Odaka, Fukushima "No-Go Zone". Japan

Plasticine Face

Portrait of the Artist


Extreme Foraging

Self-Portrait 09.08.31 (LS Diaries)

Take a Seat

Home from the Maternity Hospital

Unexpected Guest

Outskirts #001002685

Tiririca dos Crioulos

Melipona Bee. Botanical Garden Xiitbal neek. CICY

The Last Crofter

Beauty Parlour, Mongolia

Waiting Room, Mongolia

Dancing with the Dragon

Sky Riders

Small Comfort

Flesh Tones

Dare to Fly

Speed and Power

In God's Mercy. St. Nicholas Church, Prague

Untitled 6 from the Series 'Stairs'

Turn Around (Self Portrait No.1)




Summer, Work in Progress

Swimmer in the Rain


Butcher, Palmero, Italy 2012

GOLD AWARD: The Cullatore

The Endurance of Laundry

The Fallujah Legacy (Fallujah, Iraq)

The Foal

The Weeping Glen

Tim Hallam (36), Leamington Spa, from the Series 'Electrosensitive'

Three Trees

Olive Tree, Polignano

Katrina in the Bath


Untitled (Wawona)

Victoria Ahrens

A Wonderful Time

Watching and Waiting

When All the World is Still

North 50-37-13 East 04-64-15

"North 50°37' 22"", East-04° 64' 34""



Look Back

Xiaoshen, the Hairdresser


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